So who are we and how did this all come about?

‘Lets go somewhere’ was born out of first hand experience. We are Andrew Braithwaite and Jill Burns, a couple in their early thirties, living in the inner city suburbs of Sydney. Leading busy lifestyles we try to experience as much of life as we can. 2013/14 was a particularly hard year, work wise, seeing our average working week peak at about 65 hours for months on end. Having both changed jobs at different times we also never really got our ‘big’ overseas trip for the year and were suffering from serious wanderlust. So to counter balance the high levels of exhaustion and stress, we found comfort in escaping the bustling city and exploring this beautiful country weekend after weekend. Holidays were spent both within driving distance from Sydney, as well as flying for longer 4 day stays interstate. Andrew loves taking amazing photos and Jill treats (in Andrews words) ‘Looking for accommodation and where to go, like a sport’ and so it was born.

Lets go somewhere started as an idea to share their experience with others, but has since blossomed to a one stop shop full of eye candy, tips, guides, gifting and accommodation options to encourage other Australians (and expats) to get out and explore their own backyards. We find getting away is the perfect way to relax and reboot after a busy week and we hope you will too.

Above all we want Lets go somewhere to be an (attainable) escapism from our everyday lives. So we want to give you as much variety as possible, from camping to roadside campervans, to mountain top cabins, garden cottages and luxury beach villas. We want to showcase it all and cater for all comfort and/or adventure levels. And do it for everyone from couples to families to girl’s getaways etc. Our main aim is to enable other people like us to see a place in a whole new light and think, ‘Is that in Australia? Why don’t we go there this weekend?’.

About Jill
Jill is Creative Director and Co-founder of Lets Group, a self initiated collective that aims to bring social good to the world one project at a time. Jill has previously gathered over 12 years industry experience working as an art director/designer for award winning brand agencies Cornwell, Designworks, as well as Head of Creative at Australia’s leading experiential agency PlayComms. She’s currently freelancing around Sydney, as well as developing two new projects ‘Let’s go somewhere’ and ‘Lets make something‘.

In her spare time Jill likes to surround herself with inspiration from travelling to painting landscapes, to photography, to cooking classes to canyoning. If you’d like to contact Jill please do so via

About Andrew
As well as being an obsessive photographer and Co-founder of the Let’s Group, Andrew’s a digital strategist and planner at the well reputed advertising agency Ogilvy. Working across clients from KFC to Optus to Caterpillar his role involves using data driven insights to deliver better customer experiences through one-to-one conversations. Previously he worked at Lawrence Creative, where he helped some of Australia’s biggest organisations and Government bodies tackle tricky communication challenges.

Outside the nine to five, Andrew is passionate about having experiences. He see’s the Let’s Group as the perfect opportunity to help people have more experiences of their own. Connecting people with interesting places and activities that they can be proud to boast about having done with their friends. With his ever present companion, his camera, it is through this lens of experience in which he shoots. It’s not just a landscape, it’s a moment in time at a beautiful place. It’s not a fireplace, but the warmth you feel sitting by it whilst it is cold outside. He applies this same approach to his other photographic endeavours, from casual portraiture to street photography and, for a little while, even a food blog.