Bespoke Trips

We’re so passionate about getting you out on the weekends that we’re even going to help you that little bit further and create some packages around your travel needs and budget. Jill has loads of ideas so leave your details in the contacts page with a few of your requirements. And just cause we know y’all are lazy sometimes, or that you might just love surprises, we’re also going to look at some mystery deals too, so that’s where we organise the whole thing and it will be a big surprise for you up until the day. Watch this space for more details!

Packages to include:

The ‘Tight arse, take us 1-2 hours away’ weekend
3D2N includes accommodation + guide
= $500

The ‘Just get me outta here’ weekend
3D2N includes budget flights + accommodation + car hire + guide
= $1000-$1500

The ‘Special occasion or longer weekend’ weekend
4D3N includes car hire + mid range flights + mid range accommodation + car hire + guide
= $2000

The ‘We’re basically Kim and Kayne’ weekend
3D2N includes convertible car hire + non-budget flights + fancy pants accommodation + luxe guide
= $4000-5000

The ‘Good friends who like to get away together’ weekend
3D2N includes accommodation + car hire + possibly flights + guide
= from $2000

The ‘Corporate bonding, eating and activities’ weekend
3D2N prices will start based on your teams requirements

The ‘I’ve got a brief for you and I don’t care what it costs, I’m just too busy to organise it’ weekend
Any amount of time and includes whatever you might need
= We’ll work on costs together

 Email Jill at if you’d like to know more.